We provide customized consulting services based on specific requirements of our clients.


Who we are?

Established in 2010, Marmore is a research subsidiary of Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz”, an investment bank and asset management firm with a track record of 45 years of business. Marmore caters to the growing research and information needs of organizations in the MENA region.

The company publishes reports and conducts research on demand. Our narrative revolves around supporting constructive transitions for many of our clients and partners. As a focused research company with a robust track record, we continuously look beyond the horizon to lead the next wave of growth and transformation for our clients, stakeholders and for ourselves.

Published Research

Marmore regularly develops and publishes research reports that focus on infrastructure, various business sectors, capital markets and strategic regional issues.

Research on Demand

Marmore conducts specialized research for the clients who have specific requirements. Marmore can collect the needed, specific intelligence on the regional businesses.

Advocacy Research

Marmore has partnered with several leading thought leaders and institutions of repute to conduct economic policy research studies in areas like energy, labour, economic structure and public sector.

Marmore has provided both timely and reliable and services in the provision of market data. This service has proven valuable in supporting the research activities of Acreditus across all our client focus areas of credit, rating and Islamic finance advisory. I sincerely hope to continue to engage them on more advanced projects soon.

Khalid F Howladar

Managing Director and Founder of Acreditus


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